The Waiting Game

Today marks two months since the fire and robbery. Despite having paid the negotiation to the lawyers of the rental agency two weeks ago I’m still unable to leave the country. I’m currently awaiting the federal prosecutor to officially dropped the charges. Initially I was told everything would be cleared as early as last week. Yesterday I returned to the northern coast to inquire as to why things are taking so long. Along with my lawyer I went directly to the Department of Justice. We were informed that the federal prosector for my case is currently “on vacation”….frustrating to say the least! My lawyer inquired about having another prosecutor to review my case in order to expedite the process. We spoke with another and she stated that there’s nothing she can do and that I must await the return of the one assigned to my case.

This obviously left me annoyed and with many more questions. As I asked over a dozen questions to my lawyer and members of the Justice Department, I was told that there still remains a possibility the prosector could pursue the charges against me since it is a public case. Upon hearing this I definitely became scared. My lawyer immediately debunked that statement and told me not to worry.

So what’s to expect next? On Monday I will return to the Justice Department in Puerto Plata will my lawyer. Hopefully my assigned prosector will return from vacation. If/when he decides to officially lift the charges we have to return before the judge. I’m told then I will be able to leave. I am hoping this can be all done as soon as early next week. In the mean time I’m trying to stay calm, faithful and optimistic.

Thanks for your continued support and prayers!


3 thoughts on “The Waiting Game

  1. Sherman my prayer for you is that God will bless you with favor beyond measure with the prosecutor and any other officials you might have to face. I pray for your safety and peace of mind for you and your parents and a swift return home. In Jesus’ name, Amen!

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