Update Friday, the 3rd of January

Good afternoon, everyone!

I would like everyone to know that currently I have left the northern area of Cabarete where I lived and am staying with a friend’s family in Santo Domingo. I feel a lot more safe here and I’m surrounded by caring individuals. To date I’ve raised approximately $3,700 which I plan to help use for negotiations by next week. I appreciate each and everyone who continues to share my story and who have contributed financially. I do have a planned flight for the 14th , and if all goes well with the negotiations, I look forward to returning back to US soil. Due to many of your phone calls to different resources, I finally got a call back from the US Embassy yesterday. It was a representative of the American Citizens Services here in Santo Domingo. I gave her an update and permission to contact the Dominical legal authorities to get an update of the investigation. Aside from that, I have been contacted by several media outlets in both the US and here. I hope by continuing to share my story will not only free me of any criminal and civil charges but also help other travelers to be alert and prepared when traveling abroad.




4 thoughts on “Update Friday, the 3rd of January

  1. Sherman, we don’t know each other, but Nan Carmack is spreading the word on FB. Sending good wishes and luck your way. I can only imagine how awful this must be for you.

  2. Hey Sherman,
    I am so happy to hear you are ok and are in a safe place. Come home safely. I am so happy you are finally getting a response.

  3. HEy My E!!!
    Praying For You Daily Bro. Spreading The Word With Our Fellow Spiders. Look Forward To You Safe Retur Home.

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